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    Paking Duck is For Fast-Growing Consumer Brands Looking to Get Factory-Direct Pricing

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    From idea to reality, our team can support you in every stage of the development process


    If you can dream it, we can most likely do it. Our facility has hundreds of options to make your box uniquely yours.

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    We’re an extension of your team and hold ourselves to the highest standard. If we fall short of it, we will make it right on our dime.

    Upwards of 30% in savings in cost of goods and your time

    Thousands of vendor options
    No design consultation
    Inconsistent quality
    No transparency in pricing
    Wasted time coordinating

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    Why Paking Duck

    We built Paking Duck out of our own product team within our portfolio of 7 to 9 figure brands. We work on each project using our own streamlined processes and advanced machinery from Germany.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you determine your minimum order quantities?

    The minimum order quantity we require varies based on the product and its customization needs. For specific MOQ details of a particular product, please contact our product experts or refer to our MOQ list available online.

    We aim to fulfill orders of all sizes to meet the diverse needs of our clients, so feel free to get in touch with us.

    Is it possible to order less than the minimum required quantity?

    While we encourage our valued customers to respect our minimum order quantities to control setup costs effectively, we are open to considering smaller orders as per request. We are committed to meeting our customers' unique demands.

    What is your typical production timeframe?

    Our production timeline usually spans between 10 to 30 business days, depending on factors like packaging type, order volume, and seasonal variations. Note that custom packaging with more intricate customizations may take a bit longer.

    Keep in mind that all provided timelines are estimates and may change without prior notice due to fluctuating order volumes and other variables. You can check our estimated turnaround times for each product line on our website.

    Are your products environmentally friendly?

    Yes, all our paper-based packaging solutions are fully recyclable. We are committed to offering sustainable packaging options. Our product specialists are available to assist you in finding eco-friendly alternatives that meet your specific needs.

    What is the turnaround time on my order?

    Our current production times are an  estimated average of 10 - 30 business days depending on packaging type, order size, and the time of the year. Having greater customization with more additional processes on your custom packaging generally yields slightly longer production times.

    I can't find the costs of shipping anywhere on the website, why is that?

    We currently do not display the shipping costs on our website, as costs may vary depending on individual needs and specifications. However, shipping estimates can be provided to you by our Product Specialist during your consultation stage.

    Do you offer rush orders?

    Rush orders may be available depending on seasonality and packaging capacities.

    Can you ship internationally?

    Yes - All of our products are available to be shipped both locally and internationally - with limited restrictions.

    Where does my order ship from?

    Depending on your initial consultation with our product specialists, strategic manufacturing and brand specifications will help determine where your orders will be manufactured and shipped from.

    Will I receive a confirmation that my boxes have been sent?

    Yes - As part of our project management, your Product Specialist will update you whenever there are any changes to your order.

    When your mass production is complete, you will get a notification that your order is ready to be shipped. You will additionally receive another notification that your order has been picked up and shipped.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We are pleased to inform you that we accept a variety of payment methods to facilitate your transactions. We honor all major debit and credit cards issued in North America, including but not limited to:

    American Express (Amex)

    Can I pay after the order has been completed?

    Unfortunately, we must receive full payment into our system before we can begin your mass production.

    In some circumstances, split payments can be arranged with your product specialist when ordering large volume orders that require the orders to be split into batches; however, payments must still be made for each batch before it can move into production.

    Who do I contact to report a problem?

    If you're having an issue with your custom packaging, you may contact our support team
    using the Contact Us page.

    What if my products are defective or have quality issues? Can I get a refund?

    Under normal circumstances, refunds are not provided on orders due to the nature of custom packaging.

    In the event of defects or quality issues, we take full responsibility and proactively work with you to arrange a solution, which can result in a replacement, refund, or credit.

    My boxes came in damaged. How do I get them replaced?

    We're very sorry to hear that your boxes have arrived damaged. While we do our very best to package and protect your boxes for shipping, sometimes things can happen that are beyond our control.

    Can I return the boxes I ordered?

    Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for the orders we have delivered. Because our business is 100% custom work, we cannot offer returns or exchanges once an order is printed unless the product is deemed defective.

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